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At BokBok, we’re creating a vibrant community where users can connect through video interactions. Our diverse user base is the heartbeat of our platform, and maintaining a positive and safe environment is our top priority. These guidelines are designed to ensure that every member enjoys a respectful and friendly experience. We’re dedicated to enforcing these rules for the welfare of all users, which may include actions like warnings, content removal, or account suspension for any violations. Our commitment to stricter safety measures sets us apart, ensuring BokBok remains a secure space for genuine connections.

Respectful behavior

At BokBok, we believe in creating a community grounded in respect. It’s essential that all interactions on our platform are conducted with courtesy and kindness.

  • Always communicate with others in a respectful and considerate manner.
  • Do not solicit or distribute any sexually explicit images or content.
  • Refrain from any form of harassment, bullying, or sending spam to other users.
  • Avoid sharing any content that could be perceived as sexist, racist, homophobic, or discriminatory in any way.
  • Never use personal images or videos of individuals without their explicit consent.

Your identity

Authenticity is key on BokBok. We want to ensure that all users represent themselves truthfully for a genuine and safe dating experience.

  • Do not provide a false date of birth.
  • Ensure your face is clearly visible and recognizable in your profile video.
  • Impersonation or pretending to be someone else is strictly prohibited.
  • Each account must be unique to an individual and not shared amongst users.


BokBok prioritizes creating a secure platform for all users.

  • Do not post or share pornographic or sexually explicit content, or content that depicts sexual violence or assault.
  • Avoid displaying content that features excessive violence or graphic injuries.
  • Refrain from sharing media that promotes violent behavior or displays weapons.
  • Promotion or use of drugs, drug paraphernalia, or any illegal activities is prohibited.

BokBok is a community for connection, not commerce. We prohibit any forms of advertising, scams, or fraudulent behavior.

  • No advertising or selling of any items or services.
  • It’s not allowed to sell or buy BokBok accounts.
  • Do not solicit money, donations, or financial support.
  • Refrain from sharing coupon codes, sales links, or referral promotions.
  • Avoid engaging in phishing or distributing malicious links and software.
  • Misleading other users by feigning distress or soliciting sympathy for personal gain is prohibited.
  • Promoting financial transaction methods, like sharing PayPal or other payment service links, is not permitted.

Self-injury and suicide awareness

BokBok recognizes the challenges individuals may face and advocates for a supportive community. We are committed to promoting safety and mental well-being.

  • Do not post content that endorses or depicts self-injury or eating disorders.
  • Discourage any actions that might lead to self-harm.
  • Content that mocks or trivializes self-injury or suicidal thoughts is strictly prohibited.
  • We are dedicated to providing a compassionate environment and will take necessary actions against violations, which may include content removal and account suspension.

Sexual exploitation of minors

The protection of minors is a critical priority on BokBok. We adhere to strict policies against the sexual exploitation of individuals under the age of 18.

  • Never share, store, or distribute sexual content involving minors.
  • It is against the law to send or solicit sexual content from anyone under 18, even if the content includes yourself.
  • All instances of child sexual exploitation will be reported to law enforcement immediately.

Keep it lawful

BokBok is a platform for positive, lawful interaction. We strictly prohibit illegal activities.

  • Do not engage in the sale or promotion of illegal goods and services.
  • Unauthorized access or attempts to interfere with user accounts or BokBok’s services is prohibited.
  • Content that promotes violence or hate is not permitted.
  • Do not share or distribute copyrighted material without authorization.

Ban evasion

Circumventing suspensions or bans undermines the safety of our community and is strictly prohibited on BokBok.


We enforce our rules with due diligence, and consequences match the severity of the infraction.

Help us

Your participation in maintaining our community standards is invaluable. Report any guideline violations you encounter.